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We provide:

1) Online Technical Support
2) Online Remote PC Support
3) Inbound Customer Services & Support
4) Email & Online Chat Support
5) Emergency Response & Support

Phone Support: Customers speak directly to customer support representatives over the phone. For inbound calls, an IVR (Integrated Voice Response) can be programmed to route captured calls in a variety of ways with the potential goal of quickest resolution of a customer’s request/problem.Phone Support is often used for order taking, pre-sales queries, upselling and cross-selling, troubleshooting etc.Outbound calls are calls made to customers from the call center to give or take information.

Email Support: Email is the primary means to offer web-based assistance for your customers when matters do not require an immediate answer. Low-cost, non-intrusive and anywhere-anytime access are some of the advantages of email-based communications. Trouble Ticketing System and CRM Applications help keep track of a series of follow-up correspondence with a particular customer. Services offered via email response management is claims processing, polling/media analysis, subscription services, troubleshooting, complaint registrations etc.

Remote Support: Solving problems of a computer at a particular location from a computer at another location is remote support. Companies can save considerable amounts of money on logistics through remote support. IT technicians are empowered with several tools that allow them to gain access to customers’ computers at various parts of the world. They are able to gain access and repair software related problems from remote locations. The need for a technician to visit the customers’ premises is mitigated.